Women in Tech 2017

2016 Speakers

Joanna Flint

Managing Director - Google Singapore

    Soo Boon Koh

    Managing Partner - iGlobe Group

      Pocket Sun

      Founding Partner - SoGal Ventures

      Gillian Tee

      CEO/Founder, LinkAsia & CTO/Co-Founder, Rocketrip (YC & 500 Startups Alum)

        Philip Brett

        President, Asia - TBWAWorldwide

          Jacqueline Poh

          Managing Director, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

            Dr. Rosemary Tan

            Founder & CEO, Vereduslabs

              Anne Marie Droste

              Director - Entrepreneur First

                Ria (Rachelle) Lao

                CEO & Co-Founder - PrecisionBit

                  Ayesha Khanna

                  Founder of LionLabs & 21C Girls

                    Virginia Tan

                    Founder & CEO of Lean in China, Start-Up Investor

                      Katharina Unger

                      Industrial Designer, Founder & CEO of LIVIN FARMS

                        2016 Agenda

                        8:30 AM
                        Event Registration

                        Registrations start at 8:30am, Wednesday morning @Convention Centre, East Lobby (B2 ballroom). If you are coming in by taxi, please tell your driver that the drop off point is Convention Centre @Resorts World Sentosa. If you are coming by public transport, there is a free shuttle bus from Harbourfront station to the Convention Centre. Look for buses under "SWITCH" sign (SWITCH for Singapore Tech & Innovation Week). There will be ushers nearby the Convention Centre in case you get lost, and signs to direct you to "Slush Singapore".

                        Paula Parviainen - Ambassador of Finland in Singapore

                        Jacqueline Poh - Managing Director of IDA

                        Five years from today, which industries will still require human labor and which will be automated to robots and algorithms? How can individuals prepare themselves and be innovative so that they can work effectively with artificial intelligence? As founder of ​both a tech agency and tech education center, Ayesha shares her insights into the evolving workplace, emerging industries, and lessons for individuals and teams to add value to the new corporate environment. ​

                        Ayesha Khanna - Founder of LionsLabs / 21C Girls

                        Entrepreneur First invests in computer scientists and engineers, before they have teams or ideas, to help them build companies from scratch. Anne Marie explains why the next successful companies in Singapore are going to be defensible based on tech, not market. Examples on how that’s worked in London, how Singapore is similar, and giving an overview of the talent ecosystem and how that’s key to building big companies. The London programme has created 100 companies with a focus on defensible technology, raising funds from the worlds leading investors. Anne Marie / EF have been building many successful AI / machine learning based companies, including Magic Pony Technologies, Tractable, StatusToday, CloudNC. EF has launched its first programme in Singapore to replicate the model.

                        Anne Marie Droste - Director of Entrepreneur First

                        Dr. Rosemary is a prominent scientist with over a decade of experience in the field of life sciences. In 2004 she ended up founding Singapore-based Veredus Laboratories, an innovative global biotechnology company, known for e.g. inventing and commercialising the test kit that was used to detect several types of bird flu viruses during China outbreak in a single test, doing this accurately within two hours. Her company develops, manufactures, and markets innovative multiplexed molecular solutions in the clinical, specialty, and custom testing markets.

                        Dr. Rosemary Tan - CEO & Founder of Veredus Laboratories

                        Ria (Rachelle) Lao - CEO & Co-Founder of PrecisionBit

                        Gillian Tee is a Singaporean software engineer who co-founded Rocketrip, a travel tech SaaS company based in New York city that has raised 18 million USD from investors like Y-Combinator, Bessemer Ventures and Crunchfund. In her talk she will be taking us behind the scenes of her personal startup story, breaking away the glitter, glam and bull**it and sharing some of her biggest lessons learned.

                        Gillian Tee - CEO/Founder, LinkAsia + CTO/Founder, Rocketrip (YC & 500 Startups)

                        Melanie Cook - Head of Strategy, SapientNitro (SEA)

                        Women in Tech, high-profile panelists are: Soo Boon Koh - Founder & Managing Director, iGlobe Group Joanna Flint - Managing Director, Google Singapore Philip Brett - President, Asia, TBWA WorldWide Virginia Tan - Founder & CEO of Lean in China (80 000+ members in 25 cities, 50 universities) (+ 1 TBC) Questions and main agenda of the panel to be released soon!

                        Moderated by Virginia Tan - Founder of Lean in China
                        12:00 PM onwards
                        Start-Up Pitching Workshop by Golden Gate Ventures

                        As a participant of Women in Tech / Slush Singapore, you have an access to optional partner workshops organised in the afternoon, including Golden Gate Ventures' afternoon start-up pitching workshop for founders. Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC firm in Southeast Asia with over 25 investments across 7 countries. With Founding Partners in Singapore and San Francisco, the firm helps bridge Silicon Valley and Asia through investment, experience, and relationship building. The firm looks for startups that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries. Stage: Seed, Series A & Bridge

                        12:30 PM onwards
                        Grand Opening of Starburst Accelerator in Singapore

                        As a participant of Women in Tech / Slush Singapore, you have an access to optional partner workshops organised in the afternoon. As part of their Singapore launch, Starburst is hosting their first aerospace startup pitch event on Wed, Sep 21st from 12.30-3pm. Join them in hearing 10 startups present their technologies for drones, space and much more, to a mix of industry leaders, investors and government research. Interested participants are kindly asked to register below or visit www.starburst.aero/sgp

                        Van Espahbodi - Co-Founder, COO of Starburst

                        2016 Partners